What is Virtual Web Hosting And Why You Need It

Virtual web hosting,  is type of Web hosting  that is used to host more than one website or domain at a time. but each domain can gives root to different directory. this is not visible to users Who is using the website or Even the Webmaster or Domain owner Who Have Bought the Virtual Web Hosting  To some Limit.

Virtual Web Hosting  is what most host companies do to host each site they are Liable for Hosting . when you open an account or Got Registered on Their Hosting website . They Provide you with a Hosting Virtual Space. which in other term you have rented for use, you can use that part or share it with other user who want to host their domain. Hosting Services  mean hosting your domain on some other Computer or Network . Hosting Definition:”Hosting mean getting space or virtual hosting space on some other computer on rent on Monthly or yearly basis” .

Virtual web hosting

Getting Your Virtual Hosting space with other users who want to host their domain, is also called shared Hosting because you are sharing your server is shared with others.

Initially, This is Often a Problem security issue since with some Web file (ex: ftp) server access, even through an uploaded php script it is fairly easy to access data from someone else’s directory, but Now, most modern security measures can stop this, but there’s a way around everything. But for most normal sites, the risks are not that big, and it’s much cheaper and easier to go with shared hosting then a dedicated server. I can’t recall any site that has been defaced by someone on the same server. Usually they would get their account cancelled and no money back so it’s just not worth it.

Why I need Virtual web Hosting :-

It is Typically can be done to connect your own Computer  or Laptop, any other Os Device etc.  to the Internet and have it Hosting Small No. of Pages . But it is not Real or  practical Because usually a home-based Internet or Network connection is not Strong enough to Host many users at the same time.

For this reason, Virtual Web Hosting companies exist. They Are Powerful enough to Host  Different Domains At same Time .They connect these web servers or Their Computer,  to the Internet by very powerful connections, enabling many domain Owners And Registered users to Host and Use the full potential of strong internet Connection. And For Web Users to access your web pages at the same time.

If you want to Hosting Your Own Website you need  Virtual web hosting because unless you’ve got unlimited funds you would not be able to buy  the web servers and connections necessary.

Hosting Companies  rely on their powerful and strong internet connection to meet their domain owners (People Who have bought their Hosting) requirement. Hosting sites have their different cost Of their Location or Their High-end Tech System. But In the end, you can select you hosting Services  by your Requirement of Fast Hosting, Low Cost Hosting  etc.

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