Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing – Strengths Vs Weaknesses

All small and big organizations are moving to Cloud Computing. In future, we will saw that Cloud Computing is the future of computing. Alike, Everything has their advantages and disadvantages; Cloud Computing has its Strengths and Weaknesses. Today we will discuss the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing. You have to understand the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing carefully before starting your business.

Followings are some Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing over traditional on-site computing.


#1 Cost of Cloud Computing

If we talk about traditional on-site computing, It is very expensive to purchase, use, upgrade, and maintain traditional desktop software. It becomes much complicated when you have multiple users across a sizeable organization. On the contrary, Cost Of Cloud Computing is economic. The cost of Cloud Computing is very much small than traditional computing. Cloud Computing provides you various cost effective options like you can choose pay-as-you-go, from one-off payment options,  and other scalable alternatives which enable you to save your business a fortune in the long-term.

#2 Unlimited cloud storage capability

Here are various Cloud providers who give you unlimited cloud storage capability. You don’t have to keep your data on computers. Indeed this you can keep your data on Cloud Storage services. You also don’t need to worry about the maintenance and security of your data, Cloud Storage service providers assure you about the proper maintenance and full security of your data.


#3 Cloud Backup and Recovery

cloud computing


Cloud backup, are also known as online data backup. Cloud Backup and Recovery is becoming one of the hottest technologies in backup and recovery today. Cloud data backup sends a copy of your data over a public network to an off-site server, which is usually hosted by a third-party service provider. These will charge some fees from their customers based on the capacity of backup data, the number of users, and the bandwidth. Cloud Backup and Recovery service are becoming a popular alternative to traditional data backup and recovery storage media.


#4 Flexibility of software integration

When you have purchased from Cloud Computing, Upgrades and bugs will fix to that software usually automatic. You have not to pay any charges for that under your contract with the provider. You can also customize your preferences and select the options which best suit your business needs. It means that you have the up-to-date software. You will not have to stuck with outdated software, which has not any uses for your business.


#5 Easy access

You can access your information from anywhere if you are using Cloud. But for this, you must have an internet connection. This feature of cloud computing is very useful for you if you travel a lot with your business.


#6 Cloud computing issues and challenges

The best Cloud service providers also face Cloud computing issues and challenges from time to time. You may also face some issues like downtime and outages which can be at worst catastrophic and at best inconvenient for your business.


#7 Security

There is a great debate on Cloud Security service. You can research here thoroughly before deciding who to trusted with the data of your company. On the Internet, there is nothing which is absolutely 100% secure. Information stored in the Cloud Storage may be hacked, or data may be theft. Always check your provider firewall and protection services before handing over your data to them.


Conclusion – Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud is surely best for business, and it also offers many useful features. But you have to check your service provider carefully, before handing over your data to them. After many benefits, Unfortunately; many companies Hate the Cloud and will never optimize their systems.

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