How to connect multiple Google cloud accounts to Grive2

If you’re the use of grive2 to sync your google drive cloud account to a Linux laptop or server, you might be interested in knowing that you could join a couple of accounts with this one piece of software. The method isn’t always tough—you just ought to realize the steps to take to connect multiple accounts. I’ll walk you through those steps.

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I count on you have already got one account configured to sync with grive2; if not, you could comply with the steps as outlined inside the submit, how to sync your google cloud on Linux with grive2. As soon as you have got that up and jogging, let’s upload a 2nd account and get that account syncing.

Steps To Connect Multiple Google Cloud Account To GDrive.

Log off/log in

First, log out of the first google account and log into the second one. That is finished thru the net browser within the general technique: visit google pressure, click on your profile image in the top proper, and click sign out. You then need to signal into google power with the second one account.

Create a new folder

We will maintain inside the equal style as we did in the preceding article approximately grive2 and create a folder for the brand new account referred to as ~/google2 with the command media ~/google2. (you could name this folder anything you want; for example, call the folder after the related google account.) when you create the folder, trade into it with the command cd ~/google2.

Generate the codes

From in the new folder, a problem the command grive-a. This may go back a totally lengthy hyperlink in an effort to copy and paste into the browser you used to log into the second one google account. Once you paste the hyperlink, hit enter to your keyboard.

You may be requested to give permission for grive2 to get entry to google. Click on allow, after which you will be supplied with an extended code. Copy that code back into the terminal window and hit input to your keyboard.

Syncing the documents

At this point, grive2 will run the initial sync of your documents in this account. Every time you need/want to sync both of these bills, all you have to do is trade into the folder related to one of the debts and issue the command grive. The software program will automatically realize which account to sync—you do not need to log out and log returned in on google force thru the internet browser to make this work.

You may set this up to auto sync in the same way you did for the unique account through making use of cron. The best distinction is the crontab entry will point to the newly created folder related to the brand new account. Here’s how:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Open your person crontab for enhancing with the command crontab -e.
  3. Enter this line in crontab: 59 eleven * * * grive —path /home/consumer/google2/ (person is your real username).
  4. Store your crontab file.

Grive2 will sync the right documents to the proper account without any more interaction.

As easy because it receives

You would be difficult pressed to discover a less difficult path to syncing more than one google bills to a Linux desktop or server. And don’t worry—you could sync as many debts as you want…Just take into account which listing is associated with which account.

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